“I go to seek a great perhaps.” – Francois Rabelais

Everyday is a new opportunity, a box full of burgundy skies and star falls just waiting to be unleashed. Anything can be your next great adventure, whether you’re attending outdoor movie screenings or reading a second-hand book you got for the price of loose change. As I’ve come to realize, perspective is key to seeing life the way it is meant to be seen: beautiful and timeless, constantly moving forward without losing the charm of days long past.

Life here in the south may not be as lively or busy as life in the Metro, but I firmly believe that my next great perhaps is waiting just around the corner, and all it takes is a colorful perspective and a great sense of adventure. From music, misadventures, and madness, I will take you with me as I course through life within Southern borders here in Laguna and beyond as I venture out to uncover whatever surprise the world has waiting.

Take a look at life through my eyes as I search for greatness in the small and the grand, the unlikely and the impossible. The universe is calling. Now may finally be the time to find your voice and shout back an answer.